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Everything you need to know about product and billing.

Yes! Spirio is free during Early Release program for a limited time. So, sign up and be one of the first people to experience Spirio. No Credit Card Required.

Yes, you can change and upgrade your plan, or downgrade your plan, or add plugins at any time.

If you cancel, your subscription will continue until the end of the current term, and then terminate. If you are on a monthly subscription plan, it will continue to the end of the current month. If you are on an annual plan, it will continue to the end of your year, and then terminate.

Whichever payment method you used to start your subscription will automatically renew for the next period unless you elect to cancel.

Access to your data is controlled by you. Data you send to Spirio is stored securely on encrypted storage. Your account is protected by your secure password. We don’t have it.
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Have feedback? We LOVE feedback. Even it’s to tell something is terrible! For real. It’s how we improve the listening to you. Spirio is in early release. The features are still rudimentary, and you’ll be helping us find bugs while you get to know Spirio...and it gets to know you. Look for the feedback button on each page. Don’t be shy. There are prizes for finding new bugs, and for great ideas on how to improve Spirio.

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